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Thursday, 08 Dec 2022

About Us

The power and success of "Arcelik Company" serving consumers products, which facilitate and enrich their lives since its foundation proves itself with strong financial figures. With more than 18,000 employees, 12 production plants in 4 different countries, 13 sales and marketing companies worldwide "Arcelik Company" has been providing its consumers in more than 100 countries.

Effective after-sales service.Strong sales force.Product of good quality.Together with the synergy stemming from KOC Group "Arcelik company" has become a role model for other companies, which adopt similar targets. "Arcelik Company" defining the principle of success as:

Despite rough competitive conditions in Turkey "Arcelik Company" with its brands leads the market with more than 50% of shares, for years. Today "Arcelik Company" operating in international markets with 13 sales and marketing companies, is the sixth largest household appliances manufacturer in the world and the third largest one in Europe.

As one of the foremost companies in KOC Group and Turkish private industry "Arcelik Company" was founded in 1955. Being a pioneer in Turkish household appliances sector the Company manufactured the first washing machine in 1959 and refrigerator in 1960. In its history of more than half a century 'Arcelik Company" has always been the leader in private sector with its efforts for industrial development.

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